Round up and analyze data for money saving

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How to read data

Our data will address your monthly costs to help allocate your finances so you can meet your priority bills while still keeping aside enough money for miscellaneous spending and saving.

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Count Dollars

Our numbers helps you keep a count on your dollars by allowing you to track your money. Get alerts every time you spend it.

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Lock Your Wallet

Log in your income and assign a budget limit to minimize unnecessary spending so you don’t go beyond what your wallet is capable of.

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Balance It Out

Read your budget data consistently to balance your financial status. Add up the figures to know where you stand between spending and saving.


Your budgeting data

Sync all your accounts in one place and get a customized overall info of all your bank status in one look. Get a better grip on handling funds with this personalized data.

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An online vault

BudgetData is a part online vault for you to make and store your savings with complete safety and security. All of your money data is treated with confidentiality with no leakage, threats or risks and is stored in cloud servers.

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Info for growth

See how far you’ve come along from closing your loans and how much you’ve saved with BudgetingData’s charts and graphs. We provide a thorough outline and details so you can see your money growth.

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A fool-proof data driven approach to budgeting